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Carrie’s Thoughts

Gathering together to read and tell stories or make crafts links people in fascinating ways. My life has always been focused on those activities and in finding ways to share my love of stories and crafts with others. 

The key to a successful gathering is for everyone involved to be able to relax. Age is irrelevant. Skill is irrelevant. Each of us is equal in our own creative world. For a child, every moment is an adventure. For an adult, such a gathering, even if it is only two people, is an opportunity to discover what is happening in another child's or adult's mind and also the surprises hidden in your own mind. With luck you will uncover your inner child's mind.  

The funny black bug drawing represents my insatiable curiosity about insects and my desire to encourage others to look a little harder at the creepy-crawly critters that dramatically outnumber us on Earth. Follow my sketches by joining my journal group Blog.

The second drawing is of my neighbor relaxing in her pool, entertaining another friend. I love to draw people. They rarely are identifiable, much less realistic, but it is interesting to see what characteristics are captured. Try it yourself. If nothing else, your drawing will provide a rough idea of what your friend wore on that occasion. 

Having an opportunity to sit on the shore of the Potomac River has allowed me to draw boats of all different kinds, from kayaks to tugboats to ocean-going yachts. I wish there was a way to find all the names of the boats and their owners so I could share my sketches with them.

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