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Click on my "Blog Button" to follow my observations and adventures. If you are interested in having my (somewhat) daily observations delivered directly to your email address, please email me at

As I wander through my neighborhood and my world, discoveries and encounters are captured in my pocket drawing journal and on my iPhone 6. Most of the drawings are done directly in ink so they are very spontaneous. Quotes that enchant and inspire me are also included. 

It’s a fun way to relax for a moment and enjoy nature no matter where you are. You are encouraged to share my drawings and photos with friends. Add your own personal messages. A message always means more and is remembered better if it is accompanied by something visual, like the illustrations and photographs I provide.

My pictures are sent by email. They are normally sent daily but sometimes come in groups. A 30-day free trial is available on request. You can continue to receive pictures for $5 for 30 days or $30 for a year.

View some of the earliest sketches from my lifetime of nature journaling below! Not much has changed, as you can see by the drawings and photos that follow!

25 Years of Christmas Bunnies!

Coming Soon!

Recent Journal Drawing!

       Doesn't this look like my earliest sketches?

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